Revolutionary Fervour, Missing Planet (CD-R, 2004)
Piano instrumentals, recorded at home in South Hobart. The "band name" was a little joke for my small group of internet friends. Started selling them on my own website just as Bleep was launching so I spent all the money I made on downloads of the Warp Records back catalogue. At some point I also brought a copy to Edge Radio to see if they'd play it; though I don't remember it well, this was my first meeting with Julian Teakle.

Revolutionary Fervour, Full Stop (CD-R, 2004)
See above.

[_____] Escott, Six Months Transportation (CD-R, 2005)
More piano instrumentals, recorded on a grand piano at the University of Edinburgh.

[_____] Escott, Four Seconds EP (CD-R, 2005)
Recorded on a rented piano at my flat in Edinburgh. My first time singing on record (the title track and "Broker in Flight, which I re-recorded for Slowcoach), my first time using samples (a children's TV presenter singing in Gaelic on "Everywhere At Once", and Perry Mason goading special guest star G. Gordon Liddy into a a murder confession on "Guilty as Hell") and experimenting with recordings ("Slipped Cycle").

[_____] Escott, untitled (recorded 2005, unreleased)
Same circumstances as Six Months Transportation. Wasn't in any position to release it, and I soon moved on.

[_____] Escott, Live at the Forest Cafe (recorded 2006, unreleased)
Recorded over two nights in my last week in Edinburgh. There's about a minute of "Tonin" at the start of my 2008 album Slowcoach.

[_____] Escott, Pacific Novelty (CD-R, 2006)
Compilation of Six Months Transportation and Four Seconds, plus a few previously unreleased Edinburgh home recordings. I was tying up the past and moving on.

The Bad Luck Charms, "Twenty Steps to Paradise" (from Rant and Drift, CD, 2007)
Julian Teakle's band before the Native Cats. I was invited to write and perform lead vocals on this one song.

Viva Computer, "Have You Been Hiding" (from Viva Computer, CD-R, 2007)
Another guest singer deal. Including this here purely out of fond memories of the time. Viva Computer were the first friends I made after moving back to Hobart, they found me a venue with a piano so I could play my first ever Hobart show, I joined them on the early days of a tour and had the fateful dream that led me to the woman I'm now married to, and the first time I asked her out was to, yes, a Viva Computer show. Did they know that they were forming a band purely to get my life and career into motion? Perhaps they did.

[_____] Escott, I am a Magnet for Success (CD-R, 2008)
I opened for Dave Graney in Hobart once, my album recording had stalled and I wanted to have a CD to sell on the night, so: this.

[_____] Escott, Slowcoach (CD, 2008)

the Native Cats, Always On (CD/LP, 2009)
the Native Cats, Catspaw/Lemon Juice (7", 2009)
the Native Cats, "Little Me Belongs to Little You" (from Community: a compilation of Hobart music, CD, 2010)
[_____] Escott, Every Inch of You is Gold (from Community: a compilation of Hobart music, CD, 2011)
the Native Cats, Process Praise (CD/LP, 2011)
the Native Cats, "K-Man" (from Community 2: a compilation of Hobart music, CD, 2011)
[_____] Escott, "Circle the Wagons" (from Community 2: a compilation of Hobart music, CD, 2011)
the Native Cats, "Intimidation" (from Community 3: a compilation of Hobart music, CD, 2013)
the Native Cats, "51" (free download, 2013)


[_____] Escott, Lucky Timelock (download, 2011)
the Native Cats, "Ten Years Transportation" (from the Native Cats/UV Race split 7", 2012)
the Native Cats, Dallas (CD/LP, 2013)
- "Cavalier" (video, 2013)
- "I Remember Everyone" (video, 2013)
[_____] Escott, "Unrepresentative" (from Community 3: a compilation of Hobart music, CD, 2013)
[_____] Escott, The Long O (2014)
- "My Heaven My Rules" (video, 2014)
- "Mealymouth" (video, 2014)
[_____] Escott, "The Missing O" (from 5 Years of Bedroom Suck, LP, 2014)
the Native Cats, Shape Memory Alloy (cassette, 2015)
the Native Cats, "Singsang" (from Community 4: a compilation of Hobart music, CD, 2017)


Chloe Alison Escott, Jason Triage (performed live at FM[X], 2016)
Laser Blowouts (scripted podcast, two episodes, 2016)
Zevende Klasse, Pianola Roll (download, 2016)
Video Ezy, "Kiss Me Into Cavalcade" (from Video Ezy/WDK split cassette, 2017)
Chloe Alison Escott, Noise Show, With Puzzles (live comedy performances, 2017)
Chloe Alison Escott, You Sit Facing Forward at the Museum of Art (performed live at Sound Spaces: The humours, 2017)
the Native Cats, John Sharp Toro (LP, 2018)
Chloe Alison Escott, Chloe the Oscillator (2018)